– Ep 5 – Tied up in the Public.. Baroness Davina Dust & Mr. Hansen 2018 Blindfold

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The Baroness has tracked down Mr. Hansen.

He’s the former attorney of Mr. Kayne plus he may know his current whereabouts. She lurks, awaiting him from the woods he visits evening walks. She takes him by surprise, overpowers himand ties him up in the midst of a thicket between 2 trees. While she starts to torment and interrogate him, the Baroness chose: Shes not simply searching for the information , she wants to enslave him completely. So she hugely enjoys showing him the true meaning of pain. She tickles his nipples till they are burning deeply, but her victim can take a good deal. He refuses to give up any information about Mr. Kayne. So the Baroness begins to operate on his penis – the hard way. While doing this, Mr. Hansen becomes so sexy that the Baroness understands a new thought: To use his weakness to change him to her personal chastity slave. She ties him into a strict hogtie which is even more uncomfortable lying on a tough, moist forest ground. The Baroness loves the power she’s over him and begins to take his breath. She controls his breath till he finally gives her clue. Though she’s what she desired, shes not done yet. For Mr. Hansen totally obedient she uses an old quite effective way: chastity.

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