– Tops & Robbers: Seller Beware Bryan Kidd & Ryan Wagner 2018 Male Handler

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Alone at the office, during a phone call out of his cop Master at final time, servant Ryan Wagner follows orders to strip naked, gag himself get on his knees and plug his buttocks. Kidd Kidd a customer with dubious motives a grin along with a mindset knocks on the office door . He is, let by ryan, dressing hastily in. Kidd says that he wishes to purchase some stuff. Ryan reveals. Prior to any time Ryan enables him do anything he needs. Kidd utilizes them to attract Ryan to his knees, and plays with Ryans nipples. He pulls down his pants, has Ryan nuzzle cuffs Ryans wrists behind his back, his briefs . Kidd drops his briefs, makes Ryan beg for his cockpushes him down to lick on his shoes, paddles Ryans bum.