– Boysitting: Impact with Oskar 2018 master

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Sean has his nipples coiled to a bondageboard. Oscar takes SeanA’s nipples and chews them. He then plays with SeanA’s genitals. Oscar twists SeanA’s neck, and it stiffens. He rubs SeanA’s inner legs. He puts his fingers into SeanAC/a!a,,C/s lips, twists them, and handgags Sean. When SeanA cries, he handsgags and slaps SeanA’s taint. SeanA’s dick gets slapped by him, hitting it with his stomach and legs. Inadvertently, he tickles SeanA’s foot, discovering how ticklish he is and tickling him relentlessly. It is this moment that Sean begins to beg. Oscar begins beating SeanA’s inner thigh using a strange impact similar to a shoetree. When Sean grunts, Oscar stuffs an inflatable gag into his mouth and blows him up. The boyA continues to hit his inner thighs with the same impact, but this time he moves up to just above his nipples. Sean starts to smack both his thighs and the nipple areas simultaneously until he is rocking the board and howling through it: First, right nipple. Then, he moves on to the left side of the boyA’s thigh. Next, he hits the left thigh. Oscar finally hugs Sean and kisses him. He then starts to tickle his feet once more. SeanA laughs uncontrollably, and his body trembles. His arms are still attached to the bondage board. SeanA has his ankles tucked behind his back. Oscar plays with SeanA’s sex, freeing his sex with his fingers and then moving on to bigger, longer dildos. This type of play is a favorite with Sean, who asks for longer and fatter dildos. Finally. Oscar puts in a large buttplug, SeanA swallows it. Oscar slaps SeanA’s thigh, and then begins to remove his ankle restraints.

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