– Two at a Time Part One Madisin 2008 Rough Sex

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PD has two women. The other one is downstairs at restraints and a belt. As PD eats, MadiSin sits beside him, her arms. Bronte sucks on his cock . PD smears meals on MadiSin’s face. He then fucks Bronte as she licks MadiSin’s face clean.Bronte drags MadiSin to the barn and locks her to the carvet, taking a luscious flavor of MadiSin’s clit. PD bags the head of MadiSin, if Bronte played her inquiring. MadiSin denies it. Bronte returns with another bowl of breakfast. She orders madisin to consume it all, everything. It’s my ass and toes, bronte says. However, MadiSin can’t get down it. So Bronte has to get tough, caning MadiSin. Actually, Bronte eats a few bites to assist MadiSin drain the every thing? PD asks. Bronte guarantees him that she did. So PD straps a dildo onto Bronte’s face. Bronte sucks PD’s cock through the glory hole of a metallic box, after MadiSin comes. But once PD renders, Bronte begs MadiSin – I ate some of it when he requests, do tell him. If he discovers It’ll be really bad. I guarantee, MadiSin assures Bronte. Do not worry. And she smiles…

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