– Mona Wails Mona Wales 2014 Weighted Nipple Clamps

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Mona Wales is an experienced player. We like that since she understands what to expect so we can go faster harder, and longer. She is a dominant person when she plays at home but for people as well versed in the art of BDSM because we are, she will need to understand her place. She might be at caring for others fine but here she is the play item and we are the masters. She falls into place. O.T. binds her to the ratcheting leg spreader, a devious device that opens her legs. Click click click. Her spastic leg movements pull her leg. We could ’t even have asymmetry so O.T. ratchets open her leg. She ’s in the ideal position for O.T. to make the most of her. He has a whip which likes to lick. Every time the little braid at the conclusion of the single tail kisses her wet lips, then she shrieks in pain. She came to show that it could be taken by her also as she dishes it out. O.T. covers Mona's face using a little bit of cloth and then it begins. Water is sprayed throughout the rag and it begins to trickle through. Mona is shocked by how it feels, so making her breathing hard. It doesn't help Hitachi-induced, intense climaxes have abandoned her short of breath.

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