– Master is Watching Electra Rayne 2016 Pogo

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Electra Rayne is really a fantastic slave. She s punctually and dressed hot, when her Master requests her into a stranger ' s hotel room. Master telling her exactly how to please your stranger and is watching her every movement. “Strip for him” “Crawl to him.” “Get off him. “Following the stranger has dropped his load on her gyrating ass he's got a proposition for her. She's invited to a party that was bondage. Her Master is quick to correct her, although she hesitates. In the box, at the hood, to a dungeon, she s removed using handcuffs. She can't see that she ' s with or where she is. There'therefore a stranger and her Master is speaking to her. Her holes are violated and she s interrogated. On the place she has. She's punished for each and every word.When it's time to give her orgasm she's reluctant. She desires her Master's permission. What will she do?

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