– Josis Hand Cans Josi Valentine 2014 Metal Collar

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Josi Valentine says she believes that it is just natural to want to get dominated. To her that is how a man and woman should become along, with a few of the other being served by those. This and I can ' t actually argue. The very best place for her is that in bondage, submitting to my will. I stood her up in the middle of the area to have a better look. The hood is a Insect Hood that is new I had picked up from Your Stockroom. They’d have to go, but those have been her very own although she s wearing a blouse and skirt, too. It is too hot to keep up it for long and that the choice was obvious when I needed to decide between seeing her face or her body. I strip her down to her panties in the beginning, then I rely on these to gag her and take off those. I am going to need to keep her quiet to what I have planned. I want her trapped and that I have the new apparatus for it. I call them”hand cans” and they are a good way to keep her securely in place. Dozens of clothing pins adorn her body. I have a much better idea, now although normally I would pull them. I've connected a motor and them’s line together. When she sets her foot down on a button that the motor will wind up the line and then pull off the clothes pins off, ever. While she does this I take my posture and whip her bum. It won't be her final predicament of the day. I put up her . It is tied keeping her head . I could only leave her like this, however it s much more enjoyable. There is A cane bite to get her dancing. She would like to shake and move away, Since it strikes across her bum and tits, but it she tries that hook gets its presence known. And just like every anal Josi ends up on her back. She has been becoming intimidated for so long that she’s prepared to explode. She wishes to cum so badly that she could do it. I give her a vibrator that is highly effective along with a steel dildo. She passes out of the seriousness.

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