– Cuckold Cunt Samsara & Sierra Cirque 2016 Legs Spread

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Samsara was O.T.'s preferred girl to play with, but since he found Sierra Cirque, the sole use he has for her is a place for Sierra to sit or, on her good times, a tool to create Sierra cum. He hogties Sierra together with shackles and puts down her what she thinks is a seat, but what ends up to be Samsara, bound to bits of wood to create a desk. What gives away it is your whining. Regardless of what Sierra states, she can't convince her to shut up so she can focus on O.T. fingering her moist pussy, so the both of them decide to put that mouth into work.O.T. So that she is currently hanging with her legs spread shackles Sierra and Samsara's face right between them. Uses Samsara for all she is good for. She doesn ' t have a lot of decision, although She’s a bit gag in, therefore it s a little harder for her to lick at Sierra ' s pussy. If she could do this what's the purpose of her? After working and functioning she gets Sierra off, then which makes her squirt all over Samsara'so face.Dripping wet with the cum of the girl O.T. has substituted her Samsara is then shackled upside down so that Sierra can use her as a seat while O.T. flogs both of the pussies at once and then begins fucking Sierra using a metal pussy hook. He keeps going until she squirts again and O.T. reminds Samsara she doesn't have to cum . She has lost that freedom. She’s useless and humiliated. And when he's performed using her to get his new girl, O.T. totes her up and takes her out with the trash.

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