– Cosmic Orgasm: There is no NO London River 2015 Metal Collar

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London River is hot enough to make PD think about doing extremely terrible things to that body of hers. The types of things that make girls slip to a brand new frame of mind, subspace, and also cause them to forget that they were ever anything other than a man's sex toy. It starts with stripping her, both of her clothing and her dignity. He cuts off the pretty dress she is wearing, piece by piece, leaving first her tits exposed, and then the remainder of her. She'll get something more befitting her station to put on afterwards. She needs to be demonstrated how to respond to his focus. She can't only expect him to deal with her gently and give her head blowing orgasms without becoming a little something in return. PD loves to see his women suffer. He keeps them around just for the days when he would like to hear a lady scream her brains out. Whether it's together with whip, or cane, or his bare hands, he has a great deal of ways to generate a woman sing the songs he wants to listen to. This piece is motivated by Quoom's article”Caught from Pyongyang” located on

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