– Cantilever Love Endza Adair 2016 Breast Whipping

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A pathetic drooling mess. However sexy Endza Adair is,” she'll always end up reduced to a pitiful, drooling, sobbing wreck by now O.T. is done . She also doesn ' t want to be so turned on with the extreme punishment and extreme bondage he puts through her, but she can ' t help herself. She isn ' t even trying to form words anymore, although she is crying through the ball gag in her mouth. She’d be running off in case she is kept by her bondage didn ' t in position well. They won ' t let’s get away, although the metal shackles and chains allow her shake and struggle. The leather straps which hold her to the wooden and metal framework are more than enough to keep her while O.T. operates her over with all the whip.Orgasms are overwhelming after a lot of build up. She can't hold them as the wand vibrates her clit. She'd be crying if she wasn't overly busy cumming, and while she would most likely like to plead for mercy, all she can manage to get out is a mix of moans, cries, and shouts of”Oh, God!”

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