Hdwetting.com – Cheerleader Admits Pee Fetish 2016 Indoors

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Two cheerleaders are creating out in this movie. When one of them declares she needs to pee, another shyly admits she has a urine fetish.Sosha and Nikko are getting out in their cheerleader uniforms when Nikko states that she wants to pee. This immediately attracts Soshas attention. Shy, but flipped , Sosha admits to Nikko that she has a pee fetish.Nikko is very intrigued by her friends fetish. She actually thinks it’s kind of sexy and is eager to test it. Together with Sosha watching, Nikko pees through her panties onto the floor.Of course this only makes Sosha even more horny. Sosha pulls Nikkos moist underwear and goes down to her. It isnt long before Nikko has a screaming orgasm.

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