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Sasha Heart is Outside of Kentucky and looking for a little bit of California love.

She hasn ' t had much experience with bondage although she ' s been doing this for a while. She has some ideas on what she likes, like submitting to a guy that is powerful and being tied up, is quite attractive for her. She has spent some time dominating others, but deep inside she has been yearning for what she has coming for her now.Submission isn't easy. She also s not utilised to being exposed and vulnerable. Jack Hammer doesn take some time to strip her naked before he starts playing . He begins fucking with her wet pussy and flips that sexy skirt of hers up. She s been expecting this for a little while, he has hardly laid a hand on her and because she’s about to go. The hogtie on the ground is hot, however, the suspensions are better. She starts on her toes, goes to the atmosphere, is carried to the floor, and strikes. Sasha it might feel like the one is shown by every step along the way Jack. She’s super-orgasmic, always on edge and ready to explode, so she features an earth shattering 28, whenever he hits on her clit using the hitachi. And she puts her claws back and whenever the waves of bliss have escalated she is back on edge and ready for a different one.

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