Hardtied.com – "FEAR THE WOODSMAN" A.. Rain DeGrey 2012 Breast Harness

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Welcome into an installment of this Hardtied feature movie series. These pictures have been real life dreams of the very girls that show up in the film, played out in a secure, equitable environment for the viewing pleasure. This afternoon offering is”Stress The Woodsman” starring Rain DeGrey.Early one particular morning in Catskills of New York, someone else’s mother is on her way for her yoga class. Nothing ever happens in this little community, each day begins and ends the same, every day that is until this afternoon…A flat tire, an open door, the beeping of the automobile, a handbag in the middle of the street. A MILF jump in the back of a Toyota Tundra, enormous breasts bound with bailing twine that was wicked. A barbarous wooden gag, safety glasses, taped hands up. A hunt! That the Woodsman has his victim, within minutes this hot MILF is finger smashed, the consequence being a screaming, squirting orgasm. An orgasm so tough and surprising that our enormous mom is shocked that somebody can make her cum so quickly and so tough. The Woodsman awakens her squirt into her own mouth and the afternoon is on.Bound to a decreasing sapling with her enormous tits, our sexy big titted mom is helpless. Heavy rocks are tied off and dangled from her huge nipples and the back of calves and her thighs are caned. She cries out in pain but there’s no one for miles and miles, there will be no rescue, no one wants. Her legs have been jumped up, and the Woodsman along with his hard dick step into administer a fresh torment. She is completly helpless as the cock slides into her pussy, he bears down, so she cums again and again. In the late morning she finds herself jumped to some homemade”H” Frame with a pond. Her enormous breasts once again bound. His hard cock leading the way, the tactics. He stands before her and that she knows what she has to do. The penis slides deep in her throat, fucks her throat as a prick could fuck a pussy. Never stopping, heavier and deeper, it is most impossible to breathe, so the cock goes all of the way down her throat. She fights for air. Faster, harder, her mouth is fucked. She moves into survival mode when she can resisting gulps of air. The throat fucking is brutal but it turns her on, she wonders why she is currently enjoying this. She is totally at his mercy mentally and emotionally. Late day and it is time for a stroll through the forests. He pulls her around the pond, stopping occasionally to receive his cock sucked. She is contributed to a shovel, and told to dig. What is the gap for, and why does it have to be so large? She is now terrified. What’s she digging? What will happen…? She finds herself down, dangling over the hole she dug only minutes before. Breathing comfortably through a tube gag, her monster tits are again severely bound and thick stones hang off both. She’s being lowered into the pit, dirt hits her, she’s being buried! She can still breath, so air is not a problem, however. She yells and it echoes a sound which seems to pleasure the Woodsman, out of this tube. He hits her harder and harder. Something is vibrating in her clit, it will make her cum she does, she cums hard and that she feels ashamed at exactly precisely the identical time. How can this guy make her cum so often and so hard, why is she starting to adore him, a primal type of love, but the feeling is there all the same..Sundown. A cross, a perspective, isolation, sweat, and OMG what is What’s that type of leaves? NETTLES! They scratch, they burn, her skin is on fire, she suffersthe bondage, the place, no solution no solution to break. Slow languishing discomfort, no hope for escape. He has goneshe finds herself alone. Just how long does she hang there? Night is coming, what will the morning bring?

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