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The take down. Kade is a cop who is required to be feminized as an prostitute so he might infiltrate the underworld and bring down. His pay is dismissed that day, by his spouse Lexi showing up during a trade. She doesnt know what might be taking him to finish this assignment. Things get heated when Kade starts blaming officer Sindel for destroying everything he has worked for, the streets walking as a whore to bring down his goal. Lexi doesnt stand for carrying any of her whore of a partners bullshit, she does what she must do to achieve the upper hand and take charge of their venture. The two break out in a catfight in which Lexi over forces him revealing he has no panties beneath the street walker dress he is wearing. She fondles his cock and balls,”I think you’re taking so long on this job because you like being a WHORE!” A leather strap is pulled out by lexi, when he wishes to be a whore she will gladly treat him. Lexi straps his bright red, perfect for fucking. Lexi subsequently strap-on fucks her partner,”This is exactly what you needed isnt it? You want to get fucked like a whore??” Her spouse is ashamed, but excited at exactly the exact same time. Lexi finds her spouse getting aroused while being mistreated and cross dressed. While berating him for being such a cheap 16, lexi starts to stroke his cock. “I bet you fucked some of the Johns around the street didnt you whore?” She strokes his penis till cum squirts all over the floor, then rubs his face in it. What a disgusting dirty slut.