Everythingbutt.com – Holed Up: London River Anally Trains Her Whiny Protege Anna De Ville with Anna De Ville 2018 LezDom

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Anna De Ville wants too be a powerful domme. But London River isnA’t convinced sheA’s doing the hard work. When Anna shows up late for her lesson–again–London decides AnnaA’s not going to learn how to dominate anyone today. SheA’s instead getting her sweet sex trained to be a sub. Anna laughs, but London makes her stirrups before she starts finger-fucking with her creamy genitals. LondonA takes the punishment and AnnaA’s hole is ready to swallow LondonA. London senses that her young protege needs more. So she grabs a thick butt plug and begins pumping it into AnnaA’s desperate scrotum. SheA’s nearly immediately able to see her hole. SheA has done it before, and sheA is eager to do more. London takes London, an insatiable anal slut, and puts her on the mattress. She then slides a thick, strap-on cock inside her wide open mouth. Her smooth, smooth sex opens her even further. Anna cannot get enough of it as she pulls it further into her fick hole. London allows Anna to use a vibrator and in a matter of seconds, she is pumping her sexy sock. AnnaA seems to have a wider hole every time London comes out. London inserts a small speculum in AnnaA’s hole and then opens it so that she can have fun with it. Then, she spits out her stretched-out ass and fills it with fluid. She then pours water into the hole, so AnnaA is literally pouring into it. The fluid and spit are then used to fill AnnaA’s holes. She does the first by herself. Then London inserts her fingers and works that stretchy ass, while Anna cums. ItAAs now LondonAAs turn and her skilled ass swallows AnnaAs fist straight up. Anna fists with her teacher, until she cums. The two then collapse together in a pile of spit, squit and both their anses are well fucked.

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