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Cadence Lux yields in this Electrosluts! Mona Wales knows her free time fills — masturbating to hot women on the Internet and seeking to make them fuck her. Cadence is hooded, gagged, tied to a chair with her legs spread, decorated in aluminum bands hooked around some tens unit. Cadence enjoys power and her moans increase as Mona continues to dial up this. Before it even 8, her pussy is wet. Mona makes this small whore squirt over the first 7 minutes and then tell everybody just how far her pussy enjoys being full and employed. Before using the vibrator to squirt all over her slave, mona zaps Cadences torments her clit with shaking and nipples. Cadence degrades herself as Mona plays with her body, and both girls lips meet in cluttered make workouts. Mona flogs Cadences tits before departing fry with her slut and cranking the electricity. Next, Cadence is tied with tubes wrapped around toes and her cute feet on her knees and hands. Mona dials up tickles and the electricity Cadences sensitive feet. She’s flogs and spanks Cadences red to heat her up for the metal dildo she pushes in Cadences hungry cunt. The sensation is overpowering and Cadence is prepared to come. Her pussy gets more juicy and juicier as Mona fucks her and spits all over her. Cadence comes tough as Mona turns the current higher and higher. Mona enables her blessed slut lick her cunt, and comes all over her face that is greedy. She retains the hitachi into Cadences cunt, and fingers Cadence to orgasms. Her buttocks shocks all over as Cadence comes. Cadence shakes and yells as the climax along with she was struck by the zappers once. In the scene, the two ladies face off to see who will make the orgasm that is other ! Mona breaks out the violet wand and also uses it all over Cadences body. They both lick each other pussies and she moans more orgasms to Mona after Cadence comes. Contains Cadence fist and mona is as hungry to be stuffed . Mona comes over Cadences fist, and both blondes scissor with the hitachi. Cunts grinding both girls come along and squirt all over each other.

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