Dylanlucas.com – Star Crossed Dominic Pacifico & Casey Everett 2017 Big Dick

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Its been a hard day on the record for these two Pornstar boyfriends. Theyve been working all day with different versions and now finally they could unwind. Dominic is on his way home where Casey is already home exhausted and awaiting his man. Dominic comes into the door and they discuss their scene partners that begins to make them. Casey starts to worship his sexy guy Dominics rock hard cock. They pay complete attention as they swap BJs with one another, to detain. Dominic bends Casey over the couch to spread his legs open and then he buries his face between tongue and his smooth ass fucks it deep. Casey cock is rock hard and his tight ass is prepared for Dominics thick throbbing cock. Dominic pushes deep in his young mans bum and starts to fuck him . They enjoy every part of the own bodies since they fondle and kiss every second. Till he fucks the cum right out of his cock, dominic continues to fuck Casey. Dominic blasts his load all and pulls on his dick out.

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