– Rich Boy Jack Hunter Gets.. Pierce Paris & Jack Hunter 2018 Submission

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Jack Hunter wakes up fearful, blindfolded and bound in rope. He does not have any clue what is going on, but hes convinced this has to be a misunderstanding. He demands captor Pierce Paris discharge him — surely his father can fix this. But Jack is in for a rude awakening. His dad owes strong people some money, and now Jack was accepted and held as collateral. While he waits for this daddy to cover up, he is at the mercy of the man in charge of holding him. Pierce cant wait to rough this little rich boy. He rips off his clothes, and snacks Jacks nipples. He tastes Jacks long fat penis, and punches him hard on the chest. He duct-tapes Jacks mouth closed so he doesnt need to pay attention to Jacks pathetic moans and pleas for assistance. Next, Jack is held in a rigorous bondage posture, with his arms tied back and his neck tied forwards. Pierce spanks Jacks ass reddish, also flogs his bum and back. He puts on leather gloves and palms Jacks asshole. He spits it and licks it, getting it ready for whats to cum. Then Pierce pushes three distinct humongous dildos in Jacks ass. Each is bigger than another, and Jacks horny hole absorbs every one of them up. His cock hard, Jack yells because his ass gets stretched wider and wider. Now Jack is properly stretched, he could take Pierces enormous monster dick. Jack is gagged and suspended with a leg up, giving Pierce an ideal accessibility to Jacks cluttered asshole. Pierce rams his rock hard penis in and out of Jacks hungry hole, as Jack moans around the gag. Finally Pierce cums hard all over Jacks face. He removes the ball gag and makes Jack suck his dick clean. Then he lets Jack down and jerks his cock till he blows his load. Pierce checks with his guys, only to discover that Jacks dad has skipped town. Seems like Jack is needing a new dad and Pierce has a brand new toy. Pierce pushes the gag back in Jacks mouth and leaves him bound and helpless until the next period hes needed.

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