– Anal Slop and Slap Patient Lilly Ligotage 2015 Pain

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Six months before, in”Ass Goop Girls,” Lilly disclosed her fetish was to fuck in dirty sheets. So we had Kara Cox her soak a few sheets from the slop from their asses. Then we put the sheets in the freezer. 6 weeks later, Lilly returned we took the sheets . Really. Yes, they were actually frozen by us. Since the sheets , Nurse Holl reamed open Lillys buttocks with a huge strapon, making Lilly shout. She shoved at her hands in Lillys gape to start it. Eventually, Dr. Mercies and Nurse Holl stuck up a banana Lillys rectum, pounded it deep, then made her shoot it out into a bucket comprising those sheets that were nasty. We made more slop to her sheets while Dr. Mercies slapped her buttocks and face. Dr. Mercies also poured some cum on her facealso from the freezerand then the sadistic nurse hauled Lilly and her sheets to the padded cell in order that they could fuck her how she always wanted. It was all for her treatment.

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