– Return Of The Bolster with Bree Daniels 2017 Cunilingus

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Scene Client Mia Malkova has a pulled muscle in her back from an accident while riding on horseback. She seeks pain relief and schedules treatment with Bree Daniels, her masseuse. She assesses the condition of her client and then decides to place Mia on a triangle-shaped bolster pillow. Bree will be able to access her glutes, hamstrings by lifting her butt. Mia is instructed to take off all her clothes. Mia is in pain as she wiggles her pantiless bubblebutt from her tight jeans. Bree notices her hot pair of tits as she slips out her pretty burgundy bra. Mia is lying on her back, with her legs elevated. Bree rubs oil on Mia’s flawless glutes, and then waits patiently. Mia relaxes and enjoys the tension-relieving massage. Bree, wanting to have more leverage, climbs on the table and strides backwards with Mia. Bree uses so much oil that it seeps into her bra and her pussy. Bree can feel the knot loosening, and Mia opens up. Mia becomes suspicious of Bree’s massage technique, which involves directly massaging her taint along her lips and pussy. Bree says sheA’s just kneading the knot. SheA is only as stubborn as her tension spot demands. MiaA is shocked when Bree takes off her tank top in order to not oil it. BreeA presses her large natural tits on MiaA’s lower, leaning in for a taste of her sweet sex. Mia attempts to resist, just to be true to her boyfriend. But BreeA’s free-flowing tongue is too tempting. Bree rubs MiaA’s slicked-up pussy while she moans in delight. Bree takes off her bottoms, and then tribs MiaA with oily-bolstered ass. Bree then sits with her client face down, making Mia cum in her mouth while rubbing her bottoms. Mia does the same, grabbing BreeA’s clit and squeezing it while licking her creamy holes until she cums. Enjoy!

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