– Here Comes the Bride: Part Two with Vanessa Veracruz 2015 Bubble Butt

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Scene Abigail Mac & Natasha Voya expect Vanessa Veracruz will show up anytime now. Vanessa is captivated by the wedding reception and calls Vanessa. Abigail hatches a plan to keep her sister-in law in her grasp. With NatashaA’s assistance, Abigail takes on the role of the stressed-out bride-to be, not knowing if getting married is right for her. Abigail insists on pushing back the wedding, as she is unable to deal with the stresses of being a bride. Vanessa begs Abigail to help her, and she is willing to do whatever it takes so long as the wedding goes on without breaking her brother’s heart. Abigail is certain she has her sister-in law right there. Natasha, Abigail and Vanessa try to get Vanessa to massage the lower backs and underarms of the brides. Abigail insists on more and orders Vanessa to massage her large boobs as well as her inner thighs. Vanessa resists and reaches her breaking point by refusing to accept any further lesbian activity. Abigail replies with complete manipulation. Vanessa will either satisfy Abigail sexually, or she will cancel the wedding. Are you a lesbian?