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Brian begins against the walls, his penis bulging out of his panties before Sebastian rips them off. He begins Brian with some mild CBT before thumping off the stud’s torso with leather gloves. It is not before the flogger comes out that Brian starts crying out of the pain, before moving onto the pit.Brian is sprawled outside and exposed for Sebastian to work him over with a caning. With a few good stripes down Brian’s legs, then Sebastian decides to bring a string of clothespins to his chest to match. Brian can hardly manage the pain as the cat-o-nine tails discriminated from his flesh, so Sebastian rips the clothespins away and beats the tender flesh prior to finishing him with one more whipping.Blindfolded and jumped to the ass-less chair, Brian drools all over himself like a spider gag pries his mouth exposed. He feels the sting of the electrical zapper prodding him all over his body and on his exposed ass. Sebastian then jams his hand up Brian’s ass and fucks him without mercy. With a hands in his bum, Brian yells on top of his lungs while still being completed using an zapper for yet another round of misuse. After all three challenges, Brian gets his cock milked till his cum is sprayed all around the ground.

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