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I ’ m Virginia, hi guys and that is woman friend Paula we’re two hot and sexy brunettes from Prague. Paula and I’ve been friends ever since I can remember, we discussed our first kiss. We masturbated together, we had our boy. Before I even thought about using a boyfriend she was my girlfriend. I hadn’t seen her in over a year, even when she told me she had been coming to see I had been so excited and phoned. I and I told my roommate and Paula, respectively that Tomas could be about. She thought Tomas was cute and wanted to fuck him, Tomas was my roommate that I have a boyfriend, but when Paula and I’m collectively these things just appear to happen. We started touching and kissing each other, licking and squeezing tits, rubbing and sucking on them. I felt a twitch is given by my twat before sucking it into her mouth as she tickles her warm moist tongue round my nipple. Before licking her sexy little cunt from the bottom up over, and again I opened her legs and began licking her twat from every angle, I did a tongue dancing. I laid back and Paula began licking at my pussy sticking her tongue deep inside my hot moist hole then gradually dragging it all of the way up. I could feel my pussy getting juicier as Pavla licked and squeezed on my cunt all over. Tomas came in and we started kissing, we grabbed his cock and began sucking and licking it from top to the bottom. Sliding it out and in of our mouths slurping and slobbering all over it. First one, then another back and forth. We licked and pumped up and down his shaft that was hard, watching it grow more and thicker with each move. Tomas laid down, I slid his prick into my tight little cunt got on top along with my ass facing him. He started sliding his cock in and out of my small twat over and over. Paula was rubbing against her small cunt that was wet from the floor fingering her clit repeatedly. Since Tomas kept slamming his cock into my wet puss she leaned over and started sucking on and licking my tits. I pulled on his throbbing cock from my cunt and then we both licked and sucked it up and down. We handed his cluttered that was hard cock back and forth slobbering and slurping its hints end. I got back on top, just like earlier and slid his cock into my wet hole, I glanced back and then he started fucking my twat with long strokes, faster than before. My pussy was so wet it was leaking. I got up slipping his glossy cock we grabbed it and began licking at it up and down, sucking and slurping it up. We took turns our head up and down on his long cock that was hard , then Paula jumped on the top and stuffed his prick that was throbbing inside her hot moist pussy. Tomas began pushing his hard prick in and out of her tight cunt with long strokes over and over. He kept thrusting at his thick penis in Paula’s moist pussy heavy and hard, he had to be hitting on some thing close to bottom. He slipped his cock out of her twat and handed it back to us we licked and sucked up and down his fat cock that was hard over and over , I could taste the sweet juice from her pussy. Tomas slid his big cock in my wet cunt and I got on all fours I buried my face between Paula ’ s hot thighs and started licking at her juicy pussy as Tomas started pounding my cunt from behind. I could feel his balls slapping my cunt again and again because he fucked my pussy harder and tougher. I licked and sucked the juices from Paula’s sweet pussy as Tomas fucked my cunt fast, hard and long. He pulled on his prick out of her little puss and then we got down on her knees, we achieved grabbed his cock licking and sucking it down and up . Paula got behind her. He shoved back his thick cock into her wet twat opened her thighs and began pumping her pussy up full of dick. As Tomas kept pounding her pussy she leaned over and started licking my pussy up and down, teasing my clit. His thick throbbing cock slipped from her hole and I got back with my tits straight in his head. He shoved his cock deep and rammed it fast and hard. Paula rubbed her wet pussy up and down hard and quick, toying her clit round and about. His cock slid out of my cunt and we bobbed up and down his long shaft . We all took a turn slobbering on his thick cock that was hard. He laid her with her pink twat upwards in the atmosphere and shot Paula, he dropped his cock and stood . Her pussy was really wet. He kept driving his penis deep inside her wet hole over and over . He jerked his load all and pulled on his cock from her pussy.

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